The Little Mindy That Could…

Although Paula’s Excellent Challenge started yesterday I was pretty out of commission.   So for me, it feels like it’s starting today.
I plan to use this opportunity not just to become in better shape physically, but also to put the rest of my “house” in order.
There’s lots of things I neglect, or that I don’t end up as responsible about as I would like to be.  That is why, each week, I will be working on fixing some imbalances, or taking on some new challenge to bring my life back to the balance I so desperately want.
This weeks “Extra Goals” are:
  • Getting back on a sleep schedule where I have 8 hours of sleep a night.
  • Taking point with making sure Lunch Prep is done each night.
                Lunch Prep for us means that all our little lunch units are prepared and ready to just be thrown in our lunch pails with an ice pack.  Time gets very very tight in the morning at our house.  I’ve been slacking on this big time, so refocusing on this will help.
  • Taking back the hand washing.  Our general division of duties has Jon handling the dishwasher part because he totally rocks at it, and I’m too lazy to be as good at prewashing as he is, and I handle anything that should be hand washed.  When I sprained my thumb a couple months ago, Jon more than graciously stepped up and started doing all the dishes, hand washing included.  My thumb is still not 100%, but it’s time to take that task off his list and put it back on mine.
Today, my body is not the happy healthy unit it felt like last week…   I think it’s a “girl thing”.  I just keep telling myself not to give up, to still work out this evening.  It can be so easy to let things become an excuse.  I also don’t want publicly fail at this challenge.  To turn it all around…  I keep reminding myself that we purchased an exercise bike because it’s such good exercise for the knees!!!  And it doesn’t hurt my Achilles…
I think I can, I think I can, I think I can… I can’t wait until that becomes, I did it!  I did it!  I did it!!!
This morning was just simple gluten free toast w/ pb.  It’s an oldy, but goody!!  Coffee was to go.  Usually my little morning reward is being able to sit down, at the dining room table, and look out our backyard and share my breakfast time with my beloved.  I hate hate hate not starting my day out that way.  It’s just a reminder for me to get to bed on time, so we can get up and work out and spend that delicious stress free few minutes together in the morning.
Lunch is the usual suspects:
                Carrots and Hummus
                Apple and 2% cheddar
                Banana and PB
                “Main” (Today this was just rice and fzn veggies – thank goodness for a microwave at work!)
                Nuts and Raisins
                Usually we have a citrus as well, but there was only one left so I snuck it into Jonny’s lunch pail when he wasn’t looking!!!  Sneaky snake, indeed!
One of the things I adore the most during the week is the automatic eating thing… And best of all it’s all portion controlled, which ties back up to the need for lunch prep. 
After I got home, I started some quinoa for a salad we’re planning to have for our  lunch “Main” this week.  If you haven’t tried quinoa, you’re missing out!!  It’s a grain, but it’s also a complete protein.  It’s kinda like a funky cousin of couscous, and best of all… you guessed it… It’s gluten free!!!  I’m making a Southwestern Quinoa Salad…. I’ll letcha know if it’s good or not!  Then off I went with Theron for our walk.  Hubs had grocer duty tonight, so he called on his way home, and we had to turn around early…  But he did get surprised with a very clean kitchen and dining room.  (Well, a girl had to do something while she waited for the quinoa to cook… I use my rice maker.)  🙂 
Dinner was shredded chix tacos… They are left overs from yesterday…  so good then, even better today!! 
I find myself thinking how this blog of mine doesn’t really explore the difficulties of the gluten free lifestyle, since I’ve worked so hard over the past few years to really perfect it for our life.  I’m going to add a little tab with some of my experiences and how I’ve made being gluten free a positive, instead of the negative it can be, if you let it.  I mean… look how healthy we eat!!  And how delish the food almost always is. 🙂
I had intended to hit up the home gym… but the weather was so nice… It was still in the high sixties at 8:20 when I took Theron for his real walk…  I mean… stay inside, or be outside in a t-shirt in March… That almost always wins out. 
Fingers crossed I get up on time at 5:00 am to get a killer workout in!!!!!!  (I think I can, I think I can, I think I can….)
Daily Cuteness:
Theron sat at the door from the second Jon left the house, until the taillights of the Xterra were off in the distance, and then sighed a HUGE sigh and put his little face down on the floor in complete disappointment.  It was sooooooo cute to see him love Hubs so much.

And my way of pumping the positivity…  Paula – I’m so proud of you rallying 30 people to sign on to work on improving their health… You are a true change agent…  Way to get out and run in the cold VT weather with your hubs yesterday… Keep up the hard work, you’re a great role model.


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