What a weekend!!!

Yesterday was amazingly gorgeous!!!

We started our day off with a workout. πŸ™‚  And topped that off with some oats!
Saturday’s oats:
Cinnamon Flavored Oatmeal (Just added cinnamon to the water, when I added the oats, which are gluten free of course!)
Crushed Pineapple
Chopped Walnuts
Shredded Coconuts
I added coconut milk to mine, Hubs did not.  He thinks I’m weird when I add milk to oatmeal like that!

Hubs had to run off to the store to get fruit for a fruit salad we had to make, and I stayed home and finally found a home for all my massage gear I moved home from the studio I used to rent on Grandin.  It’s so nice to have it put away and not clogging up our guest room!!  On the way back he noticed how gorgeous the backside of the neighborhood was.  That meant we just had to take a walk through there!!! 
I had started some tofu in the oven while he was gone, and so I threw together a bag of Kroger’s frozen stir fry mix, the rest of the crushed pineapple, some black beans that were kicking around the the fridge, and some tamari and garlic.  Once the tofu was nice and crispy, the stir fry went on a bed of brown rice, and the tofu went on top of the stir fry….  We garnished it with ginger and sesame seeds.  It was super!  While we were eating, i had a little epiphany moment…  It was so good that I was eating it super fast, and my voice inside my head literally said “Hurry up and eat as quick as you can so you can have as much as possible before you get full”.  What??????  Rush and don’t enjoy your food, so you can pack as much volume into your stomach???  THAT’S CRAZY!!!  And it was the perfect reminder to me to slow down.  I’m an adult, if I just eat as much as I should, and am hungry an hour alter, I can have a snack.  I don’t have to act like I’m going to be starved to death if i don’t eat as much as possible at meal times.

After lunch, we got to take our walk… and hubs was right, trees are flowering like crazy!  And it was in the 70’s, so we were walking in shorts and t’s, which made me so very happy.

We puttered around the rest of the day…  Until it was time for me to make a snack.  We had a First Day of Spring Party to attend (which was what we made the fruit salad for).  i always try to eat something “safe” before going to any eating party, and I always try to bring something “safe”.  Being gluten free is such a risky thing at parties.  I had some plain yogurt with rice, raisins, honey and shredded coconut.  Jon had some leftovers. πŸ™‚

We walked down the street to the Spring Party and it was so very nice to get to see our neighbors and to meet some we had only seen in passing!!!  I did however, overindulge with the wine, so today is a little touch and go!!  However, knowing me, a little hangover’s the only way I would slow down and rest anyway.  I’ve been feeling deep tired lately.  It seems like my body never gets fully rested.  I keep saying, oh once we finish this or that, then I can rest for a day… and that day never seems to come!  I guess this is the universe’s way of making me rest. πŸ™‚  Or that’s how I’m spinning it!!!

Our Spring Party contribution

It’s taco night!! And then we’ll be taking a walk to see if we can find my missing sunglasses. 😦

Today’s the first day of Paula’s Excellent Challenge!!!  Feel free to keep tabs on me to make me more accountable!!!  I’m really hoping to bring my A game the rest of the challenge.  I already gave up sweets/chocolate for Lent.  I’m thinking I will also kick the adult beverages to the curb for the 7 weeks, other than the Chateau Morrisette Kennel Club event we go to in April.  Wish me luck, success and happiness with this challenge!

Yesterday’s Daily Cuteness….

Smores is keeping Theron-the-Begger out of the kitchen.

One thought on “What a weekend!!!

  1. I totally can relate with the hurry up and get it all in! Maybe its from school lunches when time is limited. Who knows?!?!?!You will do great on this challenge and make sure you hold me accountable too :)XOXO

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