Whew!!!  What an eventful two days!!! 
Let’s start off with Thursday.  Thursday marked Hubs annual doctor appt in Christiansburg… Which is about 40-45 minutes up the highway (I’m a Vermonter, we calculate distance in time. 🙂 ).   We got up almost on time and got a work out in, then had a quick shower and breakfast. 
We even had time to scour the house for my St. Patty’s shirt!!  We love having the right gear for the day!

Min’s Shirt: “I’m not lucky.  I’m good.”, Hubs’ Shirt: “Lucky All Day Long”.

Took care of packing lunches, and off we were to Christiansburg.  It was a GORGEOUS drive.  It’s really truly feeling like spring here.  The air has warmth to it, and the skies are so clear!
We got to the appointment on time, even though the GPS had us take the most backwards route.  And the appointment went SUPER.  I love that doctor, and she had some great ideas.  Since we just took one car there, I just ended up dropping the handsome husband off at work… but not before he was so wonderful as to pump my gas for me. 🙂  I hate that job. 
It was 11:30 before I got to work, so I was banking (hahaha, it’s funny ’cause I’m a banker!) on a nice quick day of work.  But work, it had other plans.  It wanted me to fit a whole 8 hours into 5.  I still had to leave at 5:00 though, because otherwise, poor little Hubs would have been left at work with no ride!  It was gorgeous t-shirt weather by the end of the day, so we stopped off at Kroger to pick up some grub.  After wandering around, and around, and around, we settled on wavy chips and Kroger TexMex Southwestern dip, a rotisserie chix and I wanted cole slaw!  But I made it “Irish”…

Irish Cole Slaw:
7.5 cups coleslaw mix (or 1 bag of Kroger Private Selection Cole Slaw Mix)
1/4 cups raisins
1 cup nonfat plain yogurt
1/4 cup mayo (which I would omit next time)
2 tsp caraway seeds

Mix it all up, let the flavors meld.

Nutrition Break Down – Per Serving, Yield 5 Servings
Calories: 148
Carb: 15
Fat: 8
Protein: 4
Fiber: 3
Sugar: 12

I really really LOVED the raisins in this, and the caraway seeds grow on you.  I liked them from the start, Hubs had to acquire the taste for them as he ate. 🙂

Dinner on the Deck!

It really is looking like spring in our backyard… I am so very happy!  It makes our evening walks so nice!!  Hubs didn’t have b-ball, and we were tired and in desperate need to bring our sleep schedule back in line, so we basically just passed out when we got home from the walk.

Our Dinner View!

This morning started out differently that I wanted. 
First, I didn’t have it in me to get up when the alarm went off… We stayed in bed until 7:30!!!  But it was nice to feel rested.  That did put us in go mode though!!  We hurried through all our “must-dos” (lunches, showers, etc), and I ran across the street to take care of our neighbors dogs…  I’m not going to disclose the full story there; essentially because they’re not my dogs, and it’s not my story, but there was a pretty big debacle that occurred overnight, and it wasn’t good.  Long story short, I was 1+ hours late to work this morning and had to use PTO. 😦  The upside is Ms. Paula reminded me that just because the day starts that way, doesn’t mean that has to be how it keeps going!  PLUS I wore a tank top and a little short sleeve sweater to work this morning… without.a.jacket.  It was like 68 degrees at 9:20 this morning! 🙂  That will do a lot to turn a stressful day into a glorious day!

Even though I’ve got TONS to do at work, I managed to work a half hour walk in!  My buddy Sam motivated me to start it, and she had to migrate back in after 10 minutes.  I didn’t have to go back yet, and frankly, didn’t want to!  I stayed out another 20 minutes.  I was in a tank top, in March.  I freakin love it here!

Gluten Free Min G, Herself!

Entertainment during Happy Hour – Watching the clouds in the perfect blue sky!

 Hubs and I both got home shortly after 5:00 pm tonight…  Fed the neighbor dogs, and had a short happy hour in the front yard!!  We made adult coffee drinks… Ice, coconut milk, coconut rum and half caf coffee… They were just perfect!  Since we didn’t exercise this morning and we tend to have a hard time finding motivation after dinner, we decided the time to take a walk was right after happy hour.  While we were enjoying our front yard…  I checked the mail… and to my surprise, Kroger sent us a GF mailing!!!  There were some great looking recipes, good info and coupons.  🙂  I like the info and recipes, and CouponKing loved the coupon part!

There are all sorts of trees, bushes and flowers in bloom.  I miss my family, friends and so many other things about VT, but spring in VA, it makes me cry with happiness.  My heart has been so full of joy about my surroundings the past couple days… I can only hope the pictures below will share some of that joy!!!

Our Home…  🙂

I also love our neighborhood.  As we walked down towards the Grandin Village, a friend of ours up the road was out on his porch with his daughter’s boyfriend.  So we stopped just for a minute, and next thing you know the visit lasted for a half hour, and we got to meet some other people from a few streets down.  It’s just so friendly and open of a place to live.  I’m also rather excited, tomorrow evening there’s a First Day of Spring Party we have been invited to just a few houses up.  I love getting to know more peeps in the hood!!!

Now I’m settling in, as my handsome man (Hubs, not Theron… this time)  is making our Friday Pizza!!!
The big moon in Grandin Village.
Tonight’s winning toppings combo is the base (crust, sauce, mozzarella) with anchovies, sliced tomatoes and Italian seasonings.  Before tonight, we were anchovies-virgins….  We really really liked them… UNTIL… dun dun dun….  A most terrible thing happened.  I got anchovy bones stuck in my throat and under my tongue… Only me!!!  We read up and sometimes that happens when they get too dried out, like on a pizza.  We’ll add them at the end next time! 


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