Poor puppy!

Last night, as I was snuggling with Theron while Hubs got ready for bed, I noticed he could breathe just fine on the in breath, but it was a little ragged on the out breath.  It was coming out in three littler out breaths.  Then this morning, during my Yoga time, he was most disruptive with his labored breathing.  When I got into work this morning I called the vet to make an appointment.  As soon as they heard my complaint, they scheduled him in the very next appointment, and there I sat on the receiving end of a very stern warning about ignoring breathing problems.  Apparently it’s a no-no to “wait and see” when it comes to dogs and breathing issues.  Hubs picked up Theron and off to the doctor they drove.  Now, you’ve all seen pictures of our handsome dog…  So this may come as a surprise but…  Theron’s overweight!!!  Here I have been thinking how thin and trim he looks?!?  Well, he’s not. He’s a whopping 60 pounds!!  Apparently his ideal weight is no ore than 55 lbs.  That means he’s got to lose about 7.3% of his body weight!!! The doctor said the first place they start to have extra weight deposit is around the neck and it can cause labored breathing!!!  So not only is his mommy on a diet and exercise regimen, but now, Theron is too!!!  2.5 cups of food a day, no treats and daily 30 minute walks.  Soon our household will be the picture of health!!! J
I’m really geared up for Paula’s Excellent Challenge… Kinda makes me think of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure!!  She’s done a great job of pumping it up and making it motivating.  I really like how everyone is working towards the same goal, instead of against each other.  Nothing quite like group motivating!  Maybe I should sign Theron up!
Wednesday I leave the bank early, so I can have evening hours at the day spa for massages.  As of yesterday, there were no massages for me on the schedule.  In light of that, the owner of the day spa and I were going to get together and discuss setting up the website, and to get some mailing lists together.  I showed up a few minutes before 5:00… and saw her in passing.  She just mentioned… “I’m sure you noticed I scheduled a massage for you at 5:15 so we’ll have to reschedule our chat”.  Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?? I came from the bank, in a skirt and generally not prepared for a massage.  I would definitely advise against ever massaging in a skirt.  THANK GOODNESS I live 2 minutes from the day spa… I had just enough time to run home, change, grab a couple dates dipped in pb (Which is the ultimate answer to the protein bar situation if you are GF…  and it’s super healthy and great for quick and sustained energy!) and to book it back with 2 minutes to spare!!!  The massage went great. 
Tonight’s dinner was baked tofu, chipolte bbq sauce, Mexican veggie mix and rice.  Hubs had it all ready to be combined when I got home.  The down side is that I ate it too quick to take a picture!!!  I was soooooooo hungry from the unexpected massage!!!
Well, it’s time for us to go and whip Theron into shape…  Agilities anyone???? 🙂
No daily cuteness just yet, might not be a cute sort of day in the Grange house.

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