Soggy Tuesday, Indoor and Out!

Happy Soggy Tuesday!!  It has been cold and rainy outside, and drippy in the house!

Today started with a less wayward morn… I got up, not at 5:00, but at 5:30…  I started into my yoga practice, but couldn’t quite focus, I kept hearing noises on the stairs that sounded like Smores, but I had a visual of her curled up at Hubs feet.  I finished up my yoga, and woke the sleepy head in my bed.  As I walked down to start the hot water for coffee… I stepped in something wet.  At first I thought it was from Smores’ paws, as she likes to play in her water bowl.  But the problem was, it was far too much water!!!  I turned on the light at the bottom of the stairs, and a most horrible sight caught my eye…  We had water stains and drips coming from the ceiling, right.below.the.newly.fixed.shower!!!!  Surprisingly, I maintained my calm.  We talked out a plan (Call Erik, our great installer, and then place a call with our regular plumber), and then I didn’t let this derail me from exercising, because I knew we had an hour before we could place any calls.  And so worked out.  I had time to bike and stretch.  While exercising, we decided if needed I would take a day of PTO to have the guys come, because my PTO runs calendar year, and Hubs’ runs anniversary year, and his anniversary isn’t until April.  Still, no panic… weird.  🙂  We made lunches together, and started breakfast. 
As you can see, Theron was happy to help clean up the yogurt measuring cup!!   What a helpful chap!

Then we got a call back from the install group; they were sending someone over.  We raced up and took showers quick as can be. (I was on the ball enough to let Hubs know that just because I proved I technically could take a 4 minute shower, it did not mean he should ever expect it again!!!)  We were ready to show the guys the situation when they arrived just moments after we were dressed and ready.  It turned out it was just a “knuckle” that got loosened in the install process.  A simple tightening and the water flow stopped.  See the lovely pictures of my poor foyer ceiling below.  They did offer to hook us up with a can of primer to fix that…. Good thing we still hadn’t gotten to painting that area or I’d have been so bummed!!

Work was oddly easy today.  Today was supposed to be review day… I truly busted my tush last year, worked a ton, grew even more as a person and an employee… I was SO EXCITED!! But alas and alack, the manager that was going to help my current manager give me my review was sick.  Hopefully I will have it early next week when my manager returns from PTO.  There’s going to be some hopeful improvements on the work front in the next month or so… Keep your fingers crossed it works out! 

Today was Tuesday… so that meant it was THERON DAY!
Hubs works about 5 minutes drive from home.  So if he doesn’t have a meeting, or a pressing deadline, he’s usually willing and able to come and meet me for lunch.  Nothing beats spending my lunch time with my boys!! Not even having to walk through the cold mist outside when making my way to my car.  What with it being so cold and chilly (there was hail on my way home!!), I obviously just had to make a mug of chai, with honey and…. drum roll please….  SILK COCONUT MILK!!  That stuff is what my dreams are made of…  🙂  It was pretty good; we used to have Gypsy Tea’s Coconut Chai tea bags… that would have put it over the top of greatness.

The afternoons are always a little longer than the mornings, I get stupid and tired from 1:30-2:15 just about daily.  My buddy Mark from Charlotte helped to pass some of the time when I got my afternoon mental fog.  He’s pretty intense and funny so I generally have to be on my toes when talking to him.  A couple years ago, after a year or so of working with each other, just via email, communicator and phone, Hubs and I took a day trip to Charlotte and lunch with Mark was on the list!  We met him at this burger place, Big Daddy’s Burger Bar… and I remember it being good.  He shared the good news that they now have a GF menu, INCLUDING A GLUTEN FREE BUN!!!  HUGE!!!  Usually the gluten free burger options is not to have a bun at all.  I think I might have gotten him on hook to write a review for me when he goes and tries the GF bun. 🙂  You can check the menu out here

Hubs got a really great GAP coupon via text today.  Spend $50, get $25 off… Plus he had a $50 gift card.  When I tried to get the text coupon, they were all out. 😦  The coupon was only good until tomorrow, and since I don’t always know my massage schedule until the day off, I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to hit up the mall tomorrow.  Since the mall is on my way home it only made sense to meet there.  I will say…  I was really really disappointed in the selection at the GAP.  Jon found a couple shirts; I found a belt.  Neither of us were really all that impressed.  It was already getting later, so we bagged the dinner plan we had, and went out to Olive Garden…

Wait… Did she just say Olive Garden?  You  mean the land of never ending salad with gluten croutons, and gluten bread sticks… That serves gluteny pasta???  YES, I mean the very same!!

I had heard rumblings of a GF menu there, but was worried it was only in limited locations.  I decided to just go for it and see if ours did.  And they do!  I even got to bring the GF menu home. 

I had too much salad with no croutons.  And the mixed grill, gluten free style.  I don’t know what makes it GF, but it did specify GF on the receipt, so I would advise that you do the same if you want yours  to be for certain GF…  Well, as for certain as possible without making it yourself.  It was a lot of food, I have some for lunch tomorrow.  I always forget what a wallop that salad dressing packs.  😦  Three servings of salad is over 900 calories…  Way to blow your healthy eating day out of the water!  Good thing there’s always room for improvement tomorrow!!!!

As an aside, I just sent Paula @ “If it was easy, everyone would do it!” a facebook message signing up for her EXCELLENT CHALLENGE.  The goal is to lose 14 pounds in 7 weeks.  Realistically, I won’t lose that… Especially since the last week of the challenge we will be in Italy… But I sure do want to see how close I can get.  THANKS PAULA FOR PROVIDING SOME EXTRA MOTIVATION I NEED!  I don’t want to go to Italy, for this once in a lifetime experience and have my body insecurities hold me back, or make me shy from pictures. 

Time for sleep, if I want to get up for my 5:00 am Yoga Practice….

Daily Cuteness –   I just want to throw it out there that in the pet breakdown, Theron is Hubs’, and Smores is mine. However, they have chosen the opposite alliances.  Smores is constantly proving this….


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