Sunshine and Yardwork

Last night we felt like doing something, but nothing wild and crazay… Just like doing something out of the house and doing something pretty low key!!  We still wanted to be in bed at a decent time (Again, I’m an 80 year old woman, in a 28 year old’s body)

I had a Barnes and Noble Groupon, and Hubs had a B&N cert as well.  With those certs burning a hole in our pockets, off we dashed to the closest B&N! 

I am a major bookworm.  I love love love love to read… anything, and everything.  So, as you can imagine, a date night to the bookstore was ideal for me!!  I walked around with a leather bound compilation of several of Jane Austen’s works.  I walked around with several other books.  I couldn’t make up my mind for the longest time… But finally Hubs and I both selected our books and checked out.  We came home, made some hot tea and reading snacks, and settled in for a bit to read.

Hub’s book and snack.

My snack and books.

This morning we woke up and I was very unpleasantly surprised to find I forgot to set the clocks ahead.  Breakfast was toast and oatmeal… Pretty bland sounding right???  Well WRONG!!
The toast was a rosemary-ish bread, covered with crunchy pb, ground flax, and a drizzle of honey.  And the oats, the oats… They were to die for!!!  Oatmeal with coconut, walnuts, brown sugar, and raisins… Awesome, A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!

Today, it was gorgeous…  61 degrees by 11 am!!  We took a very nice long walk to the Grandin area.  It was perfect.  Capri’s and t-shirt!!!  Totally amazing!!!
We came back for a nice lunch of pea soup (I KNOW!!  Again right?? It’s an addiction!) and an apple… al fresco!!!  Add some “zazz”, my friend Sam’s term for seltzer water, and you have a great springtime lunch!!!  I love having lunch out in the front yard. 🙂  It was just about perfect out; about 67 degrees at that point. 
We needed to do some weeding, so we attacked that next!!  There’s all sort of leaves and then this weedy ground cover between our bushes and such out front.  Today, Hubs found himself a new friend!!!

Three hours later, I stumbled onto a black widow… Killed it and that kinda put a damper on the yardwork for the day.  That’s one thing I still struggle with getting used to… We don’t have poison spiders back in VT, we don’t have a lot of poison anything but ivy, oak and sumac. 🙂  According to a local exterminator, our area is known for having a lot of black widows… so we keep an eye out and work proactively to get rid of ’em!  I will admit that I am insanely scared of them!
Debris from a couple trees that Hubs took down.
At dusk we came in from final clean up outside, and it was dinner time!!!  I love working outside until dark in wonderful weather; getting really really tired from lots of yard work or playing outside.  Especially when it gets to 77 degrees… on March 13th.  Growing up, never in a million years would I have imagined being able to wear sweatpants and a tank top on March 13th. This time of year would have been about when you half-hope; half-expect for the last big snow storm… Basically for the extra time off school when you’re younger!!!  I’m sure the Vermontsters out there would agree!!! For all the drawbacks of being so far from those we love the most; one huge benefit was weather like today, in March!
Dinner was freakin great!!!  We have had a chipolte barbecue sauce in the “Costco Corner” that we wanted to try for sometime now.  And Hubs discovered our grills gas tank was not empty as we had thought… so grilled chicken tenders it was!!  Top that off with a Woodchuck Dark n Dry 802!  We also tossed together a cuke, tomato, some mozzarella and some balsamic dressing and had a nice little Greek type salad.  And I roasted some corn in the oven.  It was as close to grilled corn on the cob as we could get to!

Tomorrow is back to work time for us.  😦  I wish I could say I was looking forward to it; but with such a great weekend, it’s hard to want to do anything else!!  Happy Sunday Night!!!!!!!  Get your game face on for Monday!!
Daily Cuteness to get you through your Monday!!!



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