Last night was a late night with watching Hokie B-ball… So we slept in until 8:00 this morning!!!  Unheard of! πŸ™‚  Jon got up first and started the cappuccinos going!!  I seriously can not stop being ecstatic about that Silk Coconut Milk!!!  They ‘cinos were outstanding!  We couldn’t figure out what to eat this morning for the longest time; finally we settled on a piece of toast w/ Krogs Natural Crunchy PB with some fruit salad on the side.  It was a nice clean, and energizing.  Set things up nicely for our morning workout… yes, that means we actually accomplished a morning workout!!!  HOOOORAY!!!

We trooped down to the basement, put MacGyver into the DVD player… and I went on the bike, did some pilates and stretched before i had to jet upstairs to clean up for work. 

Saturday, I have massage hours at Classic Image… And I had a great repeat client today.  I love having clients that really recognize what massage can do for them!!  Since I only had one scheduled today, I got to come home to have lunch and the afternoon with Mr. Gluten-Free-Min-G. πŸ™‚

Lunch was just a cup of pea soup… WE ARE LOVING THAT SOUP!  Then we went to sit and sip a Woodchuck on the deck… Next thing you know, our plant stand is moved, our chairs, tables, planters, everything, is set up for summer!!  That’s what a 67 degree day will do for you!!!  Such a great afternoon.  I love how it’s March, and Hubs was in shorts and a light jacket, and I was in short sleeves, and we were comfortable on the deck!!  The forsythia are in bloom all around… GORGEOUS…. 

We also made time to take a nice walk down to the Grandin.  Theron’s been missing his trots the past week; they’ve been quite sporadic.  He was a happy happy man! 

Dinner was pretty decent.  We had one sweet potato in the potato bin, so we split that guy…Dusted it with cumin, cinnamon and garlic salt.  Then we had some more of that salsa ranch from yesterday on more romaine, with some toasted tortilla strips thrown on top.  Then we had some steak… Now, a word or three on steaks.  I used to love steak, then i went through a few phases where the smell of beef cooking made me ill.  The past few years, it doesn’t usually hold much appeal for me.  We only really have meat once a month or so, sometimes more if we go out.  Every time we have steak, we are disappointed…  (Actually last October my mom made AWESOME steaks…)  Tonight I could only force down 1/3 of my serving of steak tonight.  I just dnt’ love it.  Give me extra sweet potatoes any day!

Last night when we headed to Krogs for our Woodchuck run, we also picked up a bottle of wine.  It was cheap, but it was a malbec blend, and I love some malbec!!!  It was only $3.99, and it was excellent at that price point.  A good table wine. 

We’re off to see what trouble we can find…  Have a great Saturday night…
Oh yes… Daily Cuteness… πŸ™‚

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