Captain Muddy-Paws…

Today was a very good day!!  The Achilles injury wasn’t as bad as it felt yesterday.  I think I may be able to run come Monday!!  Jon made me immediately put my sneakers with my little super feet inserts in yesterday, and that probably made all the difference in the world.  According to my foot doc, I should always use the inserts and always wear shoes.  Which is a problem because I can’t do my yoga practice in sneakers… and I massage barefoot.  Excuses, excuses.  Guess this girl’s gonna have to learn to use sneakers at least when she massages.  Boo, hiss!!!

We didn’t get up to work out this morning, infact, we hit the snooze bar until our new favorite bath installer arrived and our doggie barked his little heart out!!!  But all worked out okay.  We had our usual weekday breakfast…  quiche muffin on a piece of bread, but Hubs kicked it up a notch with a cappuccino with coconut milk.  We are SERIOUSLY diggin the coconut milk.  It’s Silk Original Coconut Milk.  It truly is my new favorite milk.  Lots of times with CD (Celiacs Disease) you also have problem with milk.  I still eat cheese and yogurt, but I do tend to have issues with milk in milk form…  So this seems to be the solution for me!!!  If you see coupons, let me know so I can let the Coupon-Husband be alerted.

This morning we thought it was dry from the rain yesterday…. we thought Theron would be okay to go outback to use the facilites…. well, we thought wrong!!  Captain Muddy-paws can be seen below…

The morning flew by!  We took Master Theron for a trot around the ‘hood.  Hubs was called back by our handy man (a different guy than the one upstairs in the bathroom), so he cut the walk short to hustle home to meet him.  We have a little leakage problem in the basement, as do most houses built in the 40’s around here.  It’s not bad, but we wanted him to come check it out because he fixed a basement leak on a different wall last summer.  Net result: move the drainage from the gutter out front to the back by way of a big black tube.  I came home as they were discussing the case; and got to meet David Poff (fixer man extraorindaire) and his better half for the last half of the conversation.  They are super interesting with all the crazy jobs they do around town.

Then it was onto lunch!!  Leftover pea soup (seriously amazing day two) and a quesadilla with a corn tortilla (gluten free, but of course), Pastor Chuck’s Apple Salsa (from New England… Maine to be exact) and Kraft 2% chedda.  Delish!!! 

This afternoon we busted tush!!  I dusted all surfaces off by hand with a damp vinegared rag, while the Husband-Unit went to Kroger to pick up a Swiffer Wet Jet!  Then we attacked the floors, I with the wet jet in hand, he with the shark in hand…  The floors look great!  It’s a dust free zone!  Then we sadly bid the coolest-installer-ever adieu!  He was tons of fun to have around and did a phenomenal job.  I’ll be posting before and after pics once Mr. Grange figures out the new sink to put in… 

This afternoon we snacked on some very delicious, very gluten free crackers…  Blue Diamond makes, in my opinion, the best GF crackers…  These were not to disappoint!  We really really love the BBQ flavor!

Oddly enough, tonight is Grange Pizza Night, and neither of us feel like pizza!!  So it’s just a little cheese, crackers and a salad!!  Happy weekend all!!

Oh oh oh, almost forgot… Some daily cuteness….


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