A Most Terrible Thing Happened…

It was Dust Central here today!!  There was all sorts of work going on upstairs, but the dust has settled all through out the house.  More work to come tomorrow, so we’re living in our filth. 😦  I feel dirty all over!!

We got a lot done with our day home.  I reorganized under the downstairs sink.  I painted the ceiling and doorways on the way down to the basement (first coat, tomorrow I’m hoping to be able tackle coat numero dos).  Crock-potted some homemade pea soup.  Had an excursion to Lowes and Home Depot. 

Lunch was pretty great…  The hubs invengineered (invent/engineered) it!  Tinkyada GF Brown Rice Pasta Shells (Which can be found here: Tinkyada Brown Rice Shells with Rice Bran, 16-Ounce Packages (Pack of 12)), Mrs. Leeper’s Rotelli (Which can be found here: Mrs. Leeper’s Pasta Organic, Corn Rotelli, 12 Ounce Bags (Pack of 12)), sauteed spinach, Italian cut green beans, peas and feta.  It was totally amazing!!

Today was day two of totally awesome apples!!!  My apple was crazy flavorful, crunchy, and juicy!!  It was slurp-a-licious… no lie!!  Yesterday, it was actually embarrassing to be sitting at my desk and having this slurp fest over there.  Especially because one of my cube neighbors hates the sound of apples being eaten… I can only imagine it’s worse with super duper juicy slurping!  These apples are so good that you can’t believe you didn’t freshly pick them yourself.  It’s hard to find apples like this at this time of the year!  It was a total day maker!!!

What happened next was not a total day maker…  First off, i am not the worlds best painter.  I may come from a line of painters… My mom is frequently stating, oh so nonchalantly, that she just touched up her baseboards here, or a wall there.  That is not a skill i possess.  I want to be good at it, but corners stress me out.  And I am always worried about messing up.. All that aside, the ceiling needed to be painted and the doorway as well…  The 5′ ladder was too big, so I had to use my little kitchen steps (one of those little fold up ladder-lets… mine has three steps) and stretch as needed.  At first it was okay, a lot of cursing and papertowels being used to fix my little mishaps.  Then up at the top of the stairs, I had to stretch and tiptoe to get the very farthest of reaches…  And as I stretched to the very topmost corner… A most terrible thing happened….POP! CRACK!!  I pulled my Achilles… You may or may not know but… I’ve been feuding with my Achilles for a few years…  It FINALLY was feeling better, I even had been running!  I ran this morning even.  I have been so happy with that.  But then POP! CRACK!!, and my Achilles is busted again.  😦  I couldn’t barely walk, I was hopping around on one leg for a while.  I was hobbling through Home Depot and Lowes… Awful.  I am hoping and praying for quick healing, but reality is, it takes weeks, sometimes months after the POP! CRACK!! 😦 😦 😦  (Three sad faces in a row means i really did cry about it!!!)

Even with my poor mostly useless right leg, we went to Lowes and Home Depot looking for a new sink/vanity for the full bath upstairs.  As I hobbled and hobbled and hobbled along… up and down each Bath aisle, searching high and low for anything small enough to meet our credentials, it ended up we only found two viable options… 😦  And the Hubs wasn’t fully digging either of them….  Our house was built in 1940.  So… the house has 1 full and 1 half bath.  Neither of which would win a size award… unless it’s for smallest bathrooms available! πŸ™‚  But they are workable, and cute… but very hard to shop for.  The space available for a sink/vanity  in the full bath upstairs is 21 inches wide, 18 inches deep.  That is SMALL!!!  The smallest of most of the vanities you can find are 25″.  We have a pedestal up there now, but would really love to have a vanity style so we have some storage.  Wish us luck!!!

Speaking of the age of our house, the most unusual thing happened to this week.  We got a card in the mail, hand-addressed, but from Roanoke Stamp.  I thought it was someone sending me a deal to get business cards printed or something.  I almost just recycled it, but then decided to open it in case it actually had my business name on it.  We always shred things like that.  So I opened it…  And it was the coolest thing!!  It was a handwritten letter from a man who was born in our house!!  IN 1940!  He talked about how much the house originally cost ($5k), and included a picture of the house from then.  That was one of the coolest things I could imagine!!  I’m planning to write him back this week. 

Tonight’s dinner was the pea soup that I made earlier in the crockpot with garlic bread.  It was warm and yummy… Perfect for a 36 degree cold rainy night!!

The Hubs is making his way upstairs to scrape the bathroom ceiling off… It’s gross!!!  It’s “popcorn textured”… and the people that owned this joint right before us did not exactly know how to keep a house goin… The fan was clogged, so it has a little mold issue.  Hubs will be sanding it down, refinishing it with microban paint, and installing a nice new fan that will actually exhaust OUT the roof, instead of into the walk up attic.  For all his hard work…  He’s my daily cuteness today… πŸ™‚ 

Since I can barely stand on my right Achilles, i have been given a pass on working this evening!!  Hooray for me!  I’m so very glad we have a stationary bike here, that’s my go to exercise when my poor Achilles are boycotting me!!  And hopefully that is what I’ll be doing bright and early before the guys come back in the AM to finish up the tub.

Night all!


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