Pump the Positivity!

This week’s motto is:  Pump the Positivity.
My day job is very stressful, very demanding, and very good at stripping me of all energy and positivity if I let it.
That’s the key… if I let it. 
Often the easiest path is to let it.  To heck with that!  I’m making my own path this week!!!
This morning I started out with yoga, then the stationary bike and stretching.  Hubs stayed in bed.  Good for him I say. (And let’s be honest, good for me, if that puts him in a great mood!)  Hopefully he’ll be well rested today!
When I was leaving, I took the time to enjoy our bright, sunshiny daffodils!!  J  I’m pumping that positivity to you: 
Lunchtime today was one of the highlights of my week; Tuesday and Thursday are Theron Lunch Days!
Theron had been growing ever more despondent, depressed and reclusive.  It’s weird to me that dogs can get depressed.  Hubs and I decided that we would take turns coming home on lunch to take him on a short walk.  Not only does this solve the Depressed-Dog-Syndrome, but it is really great for me with my work-life balance project.  So today, while everyone else is slogging away at their computer, I headed home for about an hour and fifteen minutes (Commute eats up a whopping 50 minutes of that time) to see my happy doggie, and stretch my legs in the sunshine.  How’s that for positivity!!!!! 
Theron trotted down the stairs shortly after I got home for lunch.  And was ready and raring to go on his jaunt around the neighborhood.
It was gorgeous!!  Beautiful blue skies, a well-heeled puppy, new flowers blooming… Only a light sweater with a vest needed.  G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.   That’s one way to infuse some joy into the drudgery of the workday!
Also, we have discovered the home of David and Lisa, from David the Gnome fame…

I settled back into work mode, while snacking on one of my new favorite snacks; yogurt (this time it’s Stoneyfield Farms Organic Fat Free Vanilla), with crushed pineapple, coconut and sliced almonds.  YUM!
It was still light, and pretty decent weatherwise when we got home, so we went for our walk first.  It helps that Hubs is rested, and back to the world of the living.  It sure makes Theron happy to get his evening walk!!!  We try to walk Theron every night either before or after dinner, depending on our mood.  Dr. Weil suggests ½ hour of exercise a day to keep your doggie young.  He also suggests feeding them a mushroom supplement that’s a little pricey for our saver-wallets.  As Theron totally rocks, we want to keep him around, healthy, happy and young in mind, body and spirit as long as we can.   
Sometimes we meander, doing “switchbacks” through our neighborhood…  Other times we venture out to some of the other neighborhoods off of Grandin.  I honestly don’t know how we would survive if we lived somewhere we couldn’t walk like this!  Just step out the front door and go!

Dinner tonight was a deviation from our normal lovely rice+veggies+protein. 

We had a portabella left over that did not fit in Friday’s calzone, so we deviated from the standard by using that before it rots.  Better to feed it to us than to the compost bin!

Accompanying the portabella, we are having some Mrs. Leeper’s Corn Rotelli Pasta, with Ragu Chunky Garden pasta sauce. 

My wine and pasta, Hub’s garlic bread.  I didn’t get any because I chose to have the wine instead.


We totally took a ton of short cuts, we microwaved a diced portabella, tossed it with the cooked pasta, added the spinach and sauce and warmed that up in the microwave… Topped it with a few shakes of red pepper flakes and about an ounce of cubed mozza and there you go!   Dinner!
Tulips coming up!!
More flowers coming up!!  There’s some spring love for you!!

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