Tofu Monday!

Happy Tofu Monday to One and to All!
Our eats during the week are pretty routine.  We eat just about the same things each day for weekday breakfasts, weekday lunches the same… For weekday dinners, it’s generally rice, veggies and a protein.  We make a honkin batch of brown rice in the rice maker to start the week, and eat from that until it’s gone!  This makes it all easy and I don’t have to think about how to eat something healthy, GF and good for my calorie counts! 
On Monday nights, and Thursday nights the Hubs has pick-up basketball.  We’ve found tofu is the ultimate power protein to supply Hub’s hoop dreams!!! 
Interesting thing about tofu… I was scared of it for the longest time. Not knowing how to even start on cooking with something can be quite daunting.  Then our first forays into the world of soy cubed was very disappointing.  So much so, in fact, that we did not try again for years.  But when we tried again, we were armed with knowledge.  Knowledge is power!!  It was excellent.  I was not expecting to enjoy tofu as much as I do.  I never expected the Hubs to like tofu…  As you can see above, even Theron wants tofu!!!
Tonight we had a great combination of Asian style green beans, baked tofu and brown rice!! 
Today, I read the tofu how-to on KathEats.  Generally we sort of saute/fry our tofu in some oil in a nonstick pan.  She, however, bakes hers.  It uses A LOT, I mean AAA  LLLOOOTTT less oil.  Which ups the health ratio! 🙂  So we tried that methodology, which worked great. 
For the veggie portion, Hubs put the green beans (frozen) in a cast iron pan, added 2 tbsp tamari, 1 tbsp garlic, chili paste, and about 1 tsp ginger.  He sort of stir fried them up, and right before serving, he sprinkled 1/2 tbsp sesame seeds.  Then just spoon out the green beans on top of the rice already awaiting in the bowl, top with the baked tofu, and viola!!!  DINNER! 🙂
** Not all tamari sauces are gluten free… make sure to check your labels!!!  Even though you can barely see it in the pics, ours clearly states it.**
Then it was time for dessert! 
We have been on a serious Greek yogurt kick.  This time Mr. Saver picked up the Kroger brand.  We really really love Kroger brand products… so I knew there was a pretty good chance this would be awesome.  Which it totally was!!  To that, I added a tbsp of coconut flakes, a half tbsp of sliced almonds and an 1/8 cup of crushed pineapple… we split a pear, and a banana!!  It was super yummy!!
Then it was “How I Met Your Mother” and “Mad Love” night; while we enjoyed our fruit and yogurt treat!! 
Highlights of the Day Include:
Making it through Monday!  Wait, wait, let me one up myself… Making it through Monday on a 3 day workweek!!!
Running day #4 in a row – However my calves are now cramped rock hard 😦  I think I’ll have to take tomorrow off…  Booo!!
A pretty decent eating day; deficit is 787.  Lots of healthy choices and exercise. 
Getting to bed almost on time. 🙂  Yes, I am an 80 year old woman trapped in a 28 year old’s body, 9:00 PM is indeed my bedtime. 
Basketball being cancelled so I had another night with my beloved.
Us guys have been dragging alll day long.  Last night we didn’t get to sleepytown until 11.  That’s too late for our 5 am wake up call!!! It’s Sleepy Time in the G House!!
Here’s some Smoresy Love to share… Seems appropriate to have a Christmas Theme when our fams back in VT have received a record snow fall… Shovel on Vermontsters, Shovel on!

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