Gluten Free Pizza Night!!!

In our house, Friday night equals GF Pizza Night!!!

Pizza is honestly the biggest thing that most people miss going GF.  We tried for years to come up with a good recipe.  To my surprise, my mom is the one who found the winner!!  Last year for my birthday she brought down with her on her Mindy-Birthday-Pilgrimage a new mix we had never tried, or even really ever saw at the store.  I will admit, we were skeptical… but she had found THE winner.  We use, and love, Namaste Pizza Crust Mix.  This mix absolutely rocks our world each and every Friday night.  Because there’s just two of us, and I’m still working my tush off to try to lose some weight, we portion control this so we only have two pieces each.  Which doesn’t actually feel like we’re depriving ourselves, because we know we will get more the next week!  We halve the normal 1 pizza recipe.  It is so easy… Just the mix, some oil and some water.  It works in the oven, it works on the grill… and today, Hubs discovered…. IT WORKS FOR CALZONES!!!

We originally planned to make pepperoni and mushroom calzones!!!  We were at a baby shower last weekend and the girl who busted her tush and made it happen made a pepperoni bread.  It looked and smelled awesome!  Jon gluten binged and confirmed it’s awesomeness.  Envy set in, as I couldn’t let the devil’s protein (also known in layman’s terms as gluten) across my lips…  So we brainstormed on our drive home about creating something like that ourselves.  Thus, the idea to try to use the Namaste Mix to make a calzone was born!!

This mix is very liquidy, so I had my doubts.  It gets poured out onto the pizza pan, and is pretty soupy.  It gets baked for a bit, and then pulled out, topped and then further baked to golden, crunchy goodness.  I wasn’t sure how well this would translate to a calzone, but had hopes that the Golden Boy (also known as Hubs) would be able to make this happen!!!

He made our normal half batch of dough, poured it out on the pizza pan, and baked it for about 5 minutes.  Usually that first step takes, I think, 12 minutes.  Then he covered the entire surface with pizza sauce (about 1/4 cup for those keeping track), and then half the surface with a sliced up portabella, part-skim mozzarella (1 ounce), and shaved Boar’s Head (alllllways GF!) Maple Ham (about 1.75 ounces).  Then he folded it in half, and crimped the edges with a fork.  He put it back in the oven for about 6 minutes a side (to ensure equal crunchy deliciousness on the top and bottom). 

Let me tell you… It was awesome… It was knock your socks off amazing.  And the best part is that we used half the sauce, cheese and toppings we normally would have used on our Friday night pie.

Who needs gluten?!?

After we greedily partook in our calzone, we had some veggies and ranch (Yay! for Kroger marked down produce!!), and our adult beverages (diet coke with a shot of pomegranate vodka).  Then it was up and out with Theron to trot down to our little village area. 

One of the things I love the most about where we live is that we are walking distance to the Grandin Village.  It’s like a little crunchy piece of happiness for me.  It’s where the co-op lives.  It’s where Pops, this awesome soda shop lives… they even carry GF bread and GF ice cream cones!! How great is that?!?  Some really cute little shops live there.  The Yoga Center lives there.  A little Movie Theater, the Grandin Theatre lives there.  Some great restaurants live there. In the summer a Farmer’s Market lives there… And we can walk to it!!  We can ride our bikes to it!!!  It’s right near the start of the Greenway.  See what I mean, it truly is a piece of happiness!!

That’s where we went today, a little walk down the road to the little village… Theron was happy, Hubs was happy, and I was happy.


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